The visionary story of the journey that we all took in the mother’s womb before arriving in this world. A message in the form of an Opera, with text, music, dance and ‘visual’, placed inside a bottle to be entrusted to the sea of our earthly existence

Upgraded Version
Oper/in/a Bottle Massimo Buffetti, Arianna Benedetti Choreography.
TPO and ArtMeet  Digital Design
Story Teller Alessandra Bedino
Vocal Barbara Eramo, Katja De Sarlo, Lisa Piccioli, Federica Cangiano, Lorenzo Buffo Blin
Dancers Fabbrica del nulla Ensemble
Stefano Agostini Flutes, Carlo Failli Clarinets, Luca Guidi Guitars, Massimo Buffetti Piano, Libretto and Composition, Rob Nigro Sound, Santi Rinciari Dancers Costume Designer

2024 Spring Art Development Production in partnership with Teatro di Fiesole and Autorivari APS

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